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“We are a healthcare focused IT company that builds affordable custom software for hospitals, urgent care and primary care centers.”

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Our Mission

THIS Inc. creates leading edge customized and secure software for both the public and private sectors. Our mission is to identify inefficient processes and provide creative, streamlined, cost effective solutions to improve business productivity. We take great pride in helping our customers evolve their business, so that they may continue to succeed in today’s economy.

How it All Began

THIS started as a small operational project for Alberta Health Services that was established to improve physician communication during a Code Orange, a signal recognized by many Canadian healthcare systems for an incident that may result in multiple casualties that could overwhelm the system.

With the assistance of frontline hospital personnel, THIS developed the Disaster Communication System (DCS) application. The finished product has been implemented in:

●  5 Calgary area Hospital Emergency Departments

●  2 Alberta South Zone Regional Hospitals

●  4 Calgary Urgent Care Centres (2021)

Techhead Innovative Systems is dedicated to creating custom applications that support and enhance business processes. The results are greater customer acceptance, enhanced user operability and accurate, meaningful, real-time data. Our expertise is in healthcare, but our applications can be used in a wide range of settings that require real-time information and/or communication. We work closely with stakeholders and are dedicated to creating custom applications, enhancing software, and more to meet the needs of the customer’s business.

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